Sharon Jobity

VP of HR, Ontario Centres of Excellence

With its ease of use and unique configurability, the Optimity platform has provided great support to our workplace programs.


We are excited to explore the many different opportunities we now have to support wellness and employee engagement in our workplace.

Sherry MacDonald

CEO, CST Consultants

The Optimity platform is well aligned with our mission to support employees in their daily work routines.


This is our most highly-adopted program at over 80% employee participation!

Paul Crossdale

Partner, Morrow Crossdale & Associates

The Optimity platform is effective, because it delivers great value and immediate results for minimal effort.


With 91% of users actively engaged and rising participation over time,  they are definitely a holistic e-learning program that picks up momentum.

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Best Practices

Good employee habits


Productive organizations

Business is optimized when healthyhabits are actively promoted.


Organizations are 3x more productive.


Organizations are 4x less likely to lose talent within the next year.


Employees are 8x more likely to be engaged.

Optimity provides a highly-engaging adaptive coaching  program.

It connects all your company's initiatives to boost employee engagement and improve business outcomes.




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    Boost participation & ROI

    Leverage the Optimity platform to sustainably engage 80%+ of your employee population.

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    Premium support for everyone

    Provide each employee with a multidisciplinary team of coaches in their pocket!

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    Excellence from within

    Empower internal champions across the organization to foster a culture of self-improvement.

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     Amazingly fast & simple 

    Launch your customized mobile apps and coaching programs within an hour!

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    Real-time reporting 

    See results and gain insights to make smarter, data-driven decisions.


Guided customization.

Our flexible program allows you to customize a range of personalized activities for your employees in their work environment.

Opportunistic coaching.

We use notifications to keep you up-to-date so you know when it is time to take a break and recommends activities that are best suited for you.

Sustain engagement.

We make it very simple to improve daily and track your progress so you can see improvements in your habits over time.

See results.

Our fun and engaging micro-activities make it easy for you to stick to new routines and achieve your organization's goals.

Get rewards.

Maintaining your healthy habits for consecutive days unlocks exciting rewards!


From office executives to retail agents, from traveling sales associates to call center staff, we help professionals across all industries to build powerful habits that boost performance.


We design programs with your workplace environment in mind.

How we work.

We strive to make every experience fun, and delightful. We treat every client, prospect, and vendor as a partner.

What we believe in.

We believe that big ideas don’t happen without hard work, and an open mind.

How we act.

We always measure ourselves against the best. We play, laugh, and enjoy ourselves everyday. We are not afraid of change.

Looking to

Work-life Optimized.