Carrot Rewards is now part of the Optimity family! 
United in our commitment to revolutionizing public health, we're thrilled to welcome Carrot to our community.

Build healthy activities
into your day.

Make positive changes part of your everyday routine.

Build healthy habits.

Set routines and schedule healthy micro-activities that you can do in just a few minutes each day.

Connect with community.

Challenge your friends and family and compare your progress toward mental and physical wellness goals.

Sync your devices.

Connect your wearables, health apps, and calendar to track and incorporate all of your activities.

What makes Optimity awesome?

Achievable goals and accountability.

Stay active.

Fit exercise into your day anywhere, anytime, with 1-2 minute activities.

Relax and regroup.

Recenter with our guided mindfulness and meditation exercises.

Eat well.

Prepare healthy snacks and meals with our recipe and nutrition resources.

Get the app today.

The Optimity experience.

The fun way to get healthier.

Take quizzes and assessments to test your knowledge and learn more about health and wellness topics.

Exercises, stretches, meditations, and more—that you can complete in just 1-2 minutes throughout your day.

Earn points for each of the above, and redeem them for a variety of resources and prizes.

What our Optimity community says:


"I always had trouble sticking with exercise routines. Now that I can compete with my friends, and earn rewards, it's easy to stay motivated!"

- Ana D.
 October, 2019

"I'm so busy that it's hard for me to find time to eat healthy and stay active. My company started offering Optimity, and since I've been using it I've had a much easier time fitting those things in. Plus, the trackability keeps me accountable!"

Darren R.
  January, 2020

"Love the activities and information. It's empowering, and great to have all of that and tracking (I sync my Apple Watch) available in one app."

- Laura R.
  August, 2019

"Working full-time and caring for 2 kids under 3 made it feel impossible to find time to exercise. Optimity's app has made it simple to make small changes that make me feel noticeably healthier."

- Stacey M.
  February 2020

"I've been tracking my steps for years, but I really like how this app tracks and rewards me for other healthy things (like drinking water)."

- Chuck L.
 July 2020

This has been so great during the pandemic. It's helped motivate me to exercise and eat well while sheltering in place, and has been a great way to stay connected with my coworkers (our whole company is on the app!)

- Sherry P.
 April 2020

Video and blog resources.

Women's Health

Common risk factors and preventative measures affecting your health.

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Everyday changes that can maximize heart health.

Watch video

Live. Work. Play.

See how Optimity brings healthy activities and habits into your day.

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