Healthier Policyholders & Enhanced Lifetime Value

Optimity is a SaaS loyalty program for insurance carriers offering digital wellness rewards apps that brings together communities

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Optimity is a platform designed to engage younger, digital, and health-conscious consumers, serving their needs for a lifetime.

Configurable mobile apps

Configurable mobile apps

Deploy your own experience, offer policyholders a way to digitally connect to your brand via white-labelled
mobile & desktop apps

Carrier admin platform

Carrier admin platform

Access real-time data, manage incentives, create targeted offers in our unified data structure that is optimized for user segmentation

AI-recommendation engines

AI-recommendation engines

Leverage machine-learning to dynamically monitor population risk, give personalized support, and identify coverage needs

Policyholder Benefits

Unleash an engaging digital program that is appealing to today's consumers

Holistic health & wealth support
Track goals & life events
Measure their health grade
Access 3000+ activities
Sync 400+ wearables & health apps
Earn loyalty points & rewards
Access insurance products with discounts

Optimity Health & Wealth Grade

We offer holistic Health Risk and Financial Wellness assessments to power personalized recommendations

Expert content personalized to the users lifestyle
Updated quantitative scoring: health grade
Gamified experience
Join group health challenges
Customizable offers based on life stage
Social health-conscious community & inherently viral
Optimity App Screens

Sandbox Your Experience

Explore your experience by previewing the user onboarding flow your branded sandbox. This offering can be expanded with your content, tailored products and triggers.

$25 T protection gap

According to LIMRA 2018 Market Research

Consumers are facing a widening protection gap in life and health
in North America and the world

45% of households reported that they need more insurance coverage

Today's consumers have a clear preference for digital and seamless solutions that offer them value in both the near- and long-term

Insurance carriers’ future business relies on the ability to attract, acquire, and engage policyholders

$56B of revenue could be added by 2020, if carriers effectively cross-sell & upsell pertinent policies to Group or P&C customers

Many carriers are already using effective and scalable tools like Optimity to modernize their business operations and customer experience

Optimity helps carriers deliver

Enhanced customer engagement

Optimity is a captivating gamified experience for your customers that meets consumers’ expectations 01

Quantitative and Dynamic Profiling

Dynamic updating of information powering increased analytics for your in-force book: preferences, activity habits, lifestage, coverage gaps 02

Cross-sell & Up-sell to In-Force Policyholders

Reduce cost of acquisition for new customers, engage members on a regular basis, provide value add perks and programs to policyholders to earn trust, get persona level information to make pertinent offers when customers need them 03

Engagement & Persistency

Create regular positive touchpoints with the customer to increase persistency, provide value-add experiences in between payment and claim, boost check-ins with customer across life-cycle 04

Referral and leads for new customers

Collect new leads through peer-rated referrals, attract affinity groups through communities, create a viral lead-generation funnel from your customer advocates 05

Policyholders longevity

Improve the risk of your in-force book by helping members live long and healthy lives, recommend personalized health and wealth programs generated by experts, provide assessments for users to track and measure their health score 06

Within 72 hours, your sandbox can be configured to create your sample experience demo with your brand, linked offers and products!

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Optimity Capabilities

We are uniquely positioned to partner
and scale a brand experience with you.

Optimity App Screens

Mobile-first Experience

Suitable for reaching customers where they give their attention to: 46 times a day! We offer native iOS, Android app experiences, as well as Blackberry, Amazon, and Web apps.

User-centric Engagement

Optimity has be recognized for our achievement in user participation rates and engagement rates based on our user-centric design practices.

Insights & Data

Using AI and our insights engine, Optimity admin dashboard will provide real-time usage data and unique insights to your sales and marketing team.

Agile Configurability

Only Optimity offers deep configurability through the admin dashboard and panels on every aspect from colour and imagery to content and promotions in real-time for all user experiences.

Feedback Process

We take an iterative and experimental approach to working with our partners to consistently improve product and outcomes to optimize KPIs.

Scalable Technology

Our segmentation and retargeting functionality will allow you to create and sustain dynamic and personalized app experiences for each target demographic with ease and at scale.

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