Carrot Rewards is now part of the Optimity family! 
United in our commitment to revolutionizing public health, we're thrilled to welcome Carrot to our community.

Dynamic Engagement

AI-powered recommendations that adapts to each member.

• Personalized to lifestyle
• Gamified experience
• Social community & inherently viral
• Join group health challenges
• Customizable offers based on life stage

Optimity can help insurers deliver

Industry-Leading Customer Engagement Practice

Optimity is a captivating unique experience for your customers that sets the bar for consumer expectations.

End-to-End Actionable Architecture for Lead Generation

AI that utlizes user data and insights in real-time to enhance user experience and promote relevant insurance products.

Robust Continuous Data Stream for Accelerated and Pre-Approved Underwriting

Continuous data collected identifies life events and risk profile for accelerated underwriting and pre-approved targeted offers.

Enhanced Lifetime Value

Build loyalty, increase upsell/cross-sell, improve morbidity, mortality, and persistency.

Optimity Capabilities

We are uniquely positioned to partner and scale a brand experience with you.

Mobile-first Experience

Suitable for reaching customers where they give their attention: 46 times a day! We offer native iOS and Android app experiences, as well as Blackberry, Amazon, and Web apps.

Insights & Data

Using AI and our insights engine, Optimity admin dashboard will provide real-time usage data and unique insights to your sales and marketing team.

Feedback Process

We take an iterative and experimental approach to working with our partners to consistently improve product and outcomes to optimize KPIs.

Scalable Technology

Our segmentation and retargeting functionality will allow you to create and sustain dynamic and personalized app experiences for each target demographic with ease and at scale.

Agile Configurability

Only Optimity offers deep configurability through the admin dashboard and panels on every aspect from colour and imagery to content and promotions in real-time for all user experiences.

User-centric Engagement

Optimity has be recognized for our achievement in user participation rates and engagement rates based on our user-centric design practices.

The Coverage Gap

31 M

adults between 19-65 are underinsured for health, accidents and life.
45% of households reported that they need more insurance.


$3.7 T

spent on wellness, lifestyle and coaching by working adults.
$56B more revenue for insurers by upselling linked insurance.

Membership Benefits

Join the Optimity member community.

• Membership Benefits
• Join the Optimity member community
• Holistic health support
• Track goals & life events
• Access 3000+ healthy activities
Sync 100+ wearables & health apps
Book time with insurance advisors & agents
Earn loyalty points & rewards
Access insurance products with member discount

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An innovative value-add gateway experience

We provide a personalized, data-driven and holistic wellness platform that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. We help you manage your time to build healthy habits.

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