Better health, more engagement

Proactive policyholder wellness

Easy-to-use tools for more engaged, healthier policyholders.

Customizable app

Provide a custom experience to policyholders, giving them an app or web-based way to connect with you.

Carrier admin portal

Get real-time visibility, manage incentives, and create targeted offers for specific users at the ideal time.

AI-based optimization

Specialized algorithms constantly monitor population risks and trends, and identify coverage needs.

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Context/description as needed

Context/description as needed.

Context/description as needed.

insights and resources

Add value for clients,
increase sales opportunities

Engagement is everything

Every goal is easier to reach when there's fun, learning, and friendly competition involved. Optimity makes it easy to build healthy habits through gamification, quizzes, and challenges—plus rewards for completing activities!

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Insights maximize effectiveness

Analytics that help you understand your members' needs, patterns, and life events enable your team to propose the right solutions at the right time. This type of insight-based interaction maximizes upsell and cross-sell potential.

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Added value = more referrals

When we have an exceptional experience, we want to share it with our friends. Referrals are the most valuable lead-generation source on the planet. Optimity's solution helps you build that type of experience and cultivate leads from it.

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