An investment in culture

Proactive corporate wellness

Offer Optimity's all-digital wellness program for increased
productivity, employee engagement, and fewer sick days.

Healthier employees

Optimity encourages and supports your employees in forming healthy habits in ways that are fun and sustainable.

Higher productivity

With Optimity, employees see exponentially higher employee engagement, for a more effective and satisfied workforce.

Reduced costs

Optimity's wellness program has measurable impact for employers, reducing sick days and healthcare costs.

Small changes that drive big results

Personalized resources for maximum
wellness and productivity

4x more pain-free days

Customized micro-exercises and ergo resources alleviate musculoskeletal pain and workplace impact.

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8x more engagement

Strong engagement and connection with coworkers is a primary factor in workforce effectiveness and retention.

What our clients say....

Corporate Wellness ROI

Measurable impact in just 6 months

Mid-sized national consultancy

  • Drug claims costs reduced 13% in first 6 months
  • ROI of $1.80 for each $1 spent
  • 6x engagement over previous year

Overall client workforce impact

  • 81% increase in proactive health behaviors
  • 84% report better relationships with work teams
  • 93% feel more connected to the company

Optimity Thought Leadership

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