Engage & Grow Your Best Clients

Health & financial wellness programs to enhance your member experience
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Engage & Grow
Your Best Clients

Health & financial wellness programs to enhance your member experience

See It In Action
How to work from home with children

Optimity Helps Insurance Carriers & TPAs Through

Industry-Leading Customer Engagement
Optimity is a captivating customized experience that drives better outcomes for your customers
Modern, Modular & Flexible Solutions
Offering no-code solutions and developer-friendly modules to serve your needs for technology and data.
Robust, Continuous & Actionable Data Stream
Dynamic underwriting and risk prevention through real-time, continuous data streams
Enhanced Member
Lifetime Value
Boosting trust and offering daily value to enhance loyalty, increase cross-sell and up-sell with the right offer

Join The Most Forward Thinking Organizations

Get Healthier Together!
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I really appreciate seeing insurance companies [Sun Life] being involved or sponsoring the preventative health side of things. It’s good to see! I’d be interested in seeing more financial wellness content from them via Optimity.
Jen K
Toronto, ON
Quote mark
I really enjoy it and I hope I get to keep it for a long time. I wasn’t sure how long I’m going to get this app for through my insurance company. You can tell my insurance company I am very happy I got it from them.
Deb H.
St. Petersburg, FL
Quote mark
I love the reminder to move and the learn and earn section is filled with tonnes of useful information
Eastern US
Quote mark
As a teacher, I'm sure I'll use the gift card to get things for my classroom. Either that, or Christmas presents for my family. :)
Kirsten, Calgary
Recent Prize Winner
I love the extra little incentive it gives to help lead a healthier life. I also love the life advice readings.
Samantha, Ottawa
July Member of the Month
JC, Mississauga
June Member of the Month
With all the walking I did, it gave me the incentive to do the Mud Girl Run!
Srinivas, Texas
Recent Prize Winner
I'm saving my gift card for Prime Day later this month!
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Get. Keep. Grow.

Member Health
Fostering Healthy
Modernize Operations
Engagement, Data & Dynamic Risk Assessment
Expansion & Retention
New Sales, Cross-& Up-sell Preserve Loyalty

Consumer & Enterprise Applications

Market-tested Customer Experiences
Consumer Insights:
300,000+ and growing
Supported by retail   sponsorships


Marketing experiments
Acquisition & awareness
Content sponsorships
Market tests of products
Rewards offers
Member Insights:
Private ecosystem of members   and referrals
Content control
Enhanced rewards
Data Insights


Claims prevention
Cross Sell & Upsell
Custom Products

Technical Components

API solutions & Tools

Developer-friendly component that enhance your Apps
Nudges & Rewards Programs

Health & Rewards Gamified Mobile Apps

Launch your engaging micro-education experiences: hosted app, white-labeled apps and modules

Management Portal

Dashboard for Reports,
Sort Leads, Segmentation Tool, Configure Rewards & Challenges

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Engagement &
Content Model
With Optimity, you’ll have a compelling combination of physical, mental and financial wellness to engage and incentivize members to take daily action to improve their health & wealth.

Right Product, Right Price, Right Time

Using our system and engagement methodology, insurers & TPAs are alerted to pivotal life-events in a captive environment. Our actionable data allows them to trigger sales, attract and retain profitable customers. You can reach the consumer earlier and deeper in the conversion funnels to preempt and convert.

Making The World A Better Place,
Starting With You

The Optimity Brand Promise

Our members donated over 15,000,000 gems to charities for social good last year

Certifications & Compliances

Multilingual Support
Research with Reinsurers
Research with Universities
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