Powerful Health &
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Science-Backed Scoring for Improved Holistic
Well-being and Risk Assessment

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Why Use Optimity Health Grade™?

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Enhance Risk Management and Underwriting
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Increase Qualified Leads Acquisition
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Improve Engagement and Behavior Change
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What is Optimity Health Grade™?

The Optimity Health Grade™ and Sub-Scores provide users with the most personalized, dynamic health and lifestyle assessment available in the market today.

A value-add feature to our enterprise health engagement platform, Health Grade™ generates individualized scores based on app users’ wearable device data and personal lifestyle information including nutrition, sleep, mental, and financial health.

Our validated metrics are derived from the latest scientific, insurance, and government data.
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Optimize Health and Risk Assessments
with Better Holistic Health Scoring

Optimity Health Grade(TM) combines comprehensive lifestyle information with wearable device data to deliver personalized, actionable insights for better health and wellness outcomes.
Check Your Health Grade™

Data Insights Challenges for Insurers and Employers

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Underwriting Cycles Bogged Down by Sources
Underwriting for life and health insurance products can be a complex, costly process that requires multiple evidence sources to facilitate an accurate decision.

Solution: Use Optimity Health Grade (™) to streamline risk assessment. Move beyond medical tests and physician visit summaries with a more comprehensive view of individual health and reduce underwriting costs.
Invasive Medical Tests Deter Sales
Typical underwriting processes still involve invasive medical tests and documentation that can potentially affect the point-of-sale experience.

Solution: Reduce friction in the insurance buying process by incorporating Optimity Health Grade™ for more efficient, streamlined risk assessment. Post-issue real cases to enable premium discounts to tie the wellness solution to the base insurance product.
Health & Benefits Needs Have Changed
Today’s employers must support employee wellbeing in a dynamic way, while effectively engaging staff no matter their location.

Solution: Leverage up-to-the-minute data on employee health to drive personalized benefits and wellness support. Receive trends analysis of your population to optimize your programs and improve employee satisfaction.
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Powerful Data Insights to Supercharge Risk Management

Get the most accurate view of individual health for living longer, better quality lives. Here are just a few ways our health scoring tool can help.
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Enhances customer experience by reducing underwriting decision time for life and health insurers

Provides a more streamlined  individual risk assessment process for a fraction of the cost

Improves customer engagement through individualized scoring and coaching support (with integration of Optimity Micro-Nudges™ and Optimity Journeys™)

Expands longitudinal view of health to better understand trends and provide appropriate support

Optimizes health risk assessments through dynamic insights accessible through a continuously updated data stream

Innovative Health Scoring Technology for Your Business

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Segmentation and Lead Qualification
Dynamic Optimity Health Grade™ and customizable, modular Sub-Scores for specific populations and segments (Diabetes, Mental Health, Financial, etc.)
Risk Management and Underwriting
Leverage Optimity Health Grade™ and Sub-Scores to more effectively assess, segment, and manage risk. Applications include accelerated life insurance underwriting, eliminating the need for paramed, medical exams, and APS. Enables more dynamic underwriting through continuously updated data stream.
Engagement and Behavior Change
Provide employees and members personalized lifestyle-based scores featuring newly available individual health indicators and metrics such as sleep, nutrition, mental health, and activity inputs plus wearable, financial and social metrics. Influence and reward healthy lifestyle behaviors through gamification and incentives tied to the Optimity Health Grade™.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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Teams Love It
80% of users complete HRA or 80% of users have completed health grade?
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Employees Love It
Scientifically-based sub-scores using data from 3M+ individuals*
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Steps Taken
Data from 450K+ active app users
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Members Love It
30%-40% Monthly Active Users (MAU)

What Our Clients Say

Join the most forward thinking organizations
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“Our team members love that they can do the Step Together challenges and see the leaderboard rankings in real-time. As an Admin, I like that I can use the messaging feature to communicate directly with our team on upcoming wellness events and activities.”
Emily Werner
Wellness Manager at Sartori Cheese
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• More effectively engaged client members to participate in individual and team-based step goal challenges
• Achieved a 30-60% step goal challenge participation rate every month since Jan 2022
• Further increased program participation with enhanced customization features
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“We partnered with Optimity as they were very focused on ensuring clients not only adopt the platform initially, but remain engaged over the years and drive towards better health outcomes; this is very aligned with the role we expect a wellness platform to play”

"Our experimentation with Optimity and the success we have seen to date has encouraged us to explore offering a health engagement platform at a larger scale. We remain committed to helping Canadians live healthier lives and believe that platforms like Optimity can play a key role in helping us deliver on our mission.”

Jibran Imtiaz
VP, Market Development, Sun Life
• Achieved measurable increase in customer engagement during pilot program, exceeding target metrics for wellness assessments
‍• Onboarded over 16,000 users, including over4,000 term life client users
‍• Average monthly active users ratio was 46%during the 6-month pilot program
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inguard health
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"Optimity has been a fantastic mobile wellness solution for us to keep our health members engaged all year long. The best feature of the Optimity app is that anyone in our community can track their activity with any popular health tracker of their choice because the software is device-independent. With Optimity, we have been able to provide our all for the benefit of our health members."
Javon Bell
Director, INGUARD Health
• Achieved 35% average monthly active users (MAU) over a 12-month period
• Attracted 40+ participants (out of 190 total users) for team step challenges over same period
• Successful engagement of diverse work populations
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