Carrot Rewards is now part of the Optimity family! 
United in our commitment to revolutionizing public health, we're thrilled to welcome Carrot to our community.

Daily exercises to keep you healthy, happy, and on track.

Build healthy habits.

Set routines and schedule healthy micro-activities that you can do in just a few minutes each day.

Connect with community.

Challenge your friends and family and compare your progress toward mental and physical wellness goals.

Sync your devices.

Connect your wearables, health apps, and calendar to track and incorporate all of your activities.

The most engaging rewards app

Optimity captures consumer wants and behavior through quizzes, surveys, challenges, and contests to deliver personalized content and rewards that match users' preferences, motivators and aspirations


Single raffle entries collected


Social media impressions collected


Total marketing audience and growing

Personalized Rewards

Our unique personalized rewards model understands consumers’ interests and drives targeted offers using these triggers for partnered products, services, and subscriptions.

Target your ideal customers

Take the guess work out of finding your high-value customers

Laser-focused retargeting

Re-engage with customers who have shown intent to use your product or service

Online & Offline Campaigns

Ongoing targeted offers create habitual behaviors and drive incrementality

Highest ROI

Achieve the highest ROI on your digital ad spend and promotional campaigns.

Growth and scale

Our ad-network is built on a SaaS platform allowing you to start your campaigns at any stage and grow as big as you need to with zero delay. We work with some of the largest brands across any vertical to educate and reward their users.

How it works


Select an enagement method

You can sponsor a quiz, fitness challenge, or a limited time offer.


Select a target segment

Focus your campaign by choosing from hundreds of different target criteria.


Analyze and repeat

Re-target engaged consumers with additional offers and messages.

Consumer insights

Access genuine, real-time feedback from your consumers through our quizzes, raffles, and challenges. Uncover insights on any category that is important to your brand such as health, wealth, or anything else related to consumer buying intent.

Join over 1,000,000 humans getting healthier.

Video and blog resources.

Women's Health

Common risk factors and preventative measures affecting your health.

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Everyday changes that can maximize heart health.

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Live. Work. Play.

See how Optimity brings healthy activities and habits into your day.

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