Team Wellbeing.

Optimity is a modular, personalized and scalable wellness solution that evolves with you and your team's needs.

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The Old Routine

● 8+ hours a day

● On site, paper forms, low tech

● One-size-fits-all office settings programs

● Reactive & expensive

New Age Wellness

● Remote & hybrid work, mobile 1st, digital

● Personalized, tailored programs on    demand for your diverse modern teams

● Gamified, fun and rewarding

● Backed by 30+ years of research    and behavior science

● Proactive & cost-effective

You Are In Good Company

We work with Good Causes & Healthy Brands
Clients Love It

97% of HR and Team leads report total satisfaction with our employee wellness platform.

Employees Love It

Nearly 19,000 employees across North America engage with our platform everyday.

Steps Taken

Users have taken an accumulate 128 billion steps on their own or as part of team challenges.

Members Love It

Over 85% NPS (or CSAT) score which is 40 points above industry average.

Case Studies & Results

Reduced Benefits & Claims Costs

We have proven results in targeted wellness programs that reduce drug claims, absenteeism, STD/LTD. Clients are getting $1.50 to $6.50 back for every $1 spent on wellness.

Improved Employee Engagement

Mid to large-sized companies report 93% of Optimity for Teams members feel more connected to the company and 84% of members report better relationships with work teams.

Whole-Person Wellbeing

Our wellness program goes beyond just the physical

Physical Activity
Mental Health
Social Connectedness
Financial Wellness

Fully Digital, Mobile First Wellness Platform

Keep your employees engaged and healthy with personalized wellness activities

Access to Exclusive Perks
Unlock exclusive deals from the world’s best brands
Knowledge Boosting
Daily quizzes and exercises to inform and engage your team
Team Challenges
Setup and complete fun challenges with your team
Rewards & Recognition
Reward your team with prizes focused on their wellness

Optimity Team Features

Keep your employees engaged and healthy with personalized wellness activities

Team Challenges

Complete fun and engaging challenges with your teams anywhere in the world


Get realtime notifications and stats on your team leaderboard

Team Rewards

You and your team earn rewards for every healthy challenge completed

Hey Team,
Get Engaged!

New Challenges, New Rewards

Optimity Adapts To All Employee Contexts

62% of clients have employees with alternative work environments
Hundreds of Thousands of members
100% time zones covered
97% of clients have remote workers
Mobile 1st solution
9x previous participation: >50% in the 1st year and >80% in the 2nd year
Automated health challenges & program administration to save 200+ hours
Engaging employees in a non-traditional setting
Proven reduction of Rx claims by 12.9% in 2016 with Sun Life (compared to 2014 & 2015)
6x previous year engagement 3 years in a row
Reduction of absenteeism 1.8x ROI for every $1 spent
Automated engagement in health challenges & program administration to save 300+ hours
5x previous participation
Promoting health for members 
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What Employee Wellness Outcomes Can We Help You Achieve?

You Are In Good Company

We work with Good Causes & Healthy Brands
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